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Mary Beth

At Teen Challenge I learned to take responsibility for my actions and not to hide from life through drugs and alcohol. I will always be grateful to the ministry of Teen Challenge, but also to those who have prayed and supported Teen Challenge. 


"Teen Challenge saved my son and my whole family in the process. I will praise God everyday for Teen Challenge. Written by a former atheist."


"Teen Challenge also helps adults not just teens. It is a Christian recovery program that has helped so many people. They have centers located all over our country."


"Great place to go if you want to be delivered, and experience the power of God. I can testify; I am a graduate of Teen Challenge ..."


"I was taken to Teen challenge at 19 yrs old beaten down ... from life. And now through God's grace, my relationship with Him and other loved ones in my life, I have a purpose to live!"


"Teen Challenge saved my husband's life!!!! God restores broken lives thru this program and I am forever grateful!!!!"

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